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Are Cyber Monday Deals really all that?

With Cyber Monday 2015 set to fall on most people's monthly pay date this year (30th November), online retailers are anticipating one of their most profitable days of the year.

But is Cyber Monday actually worth all the hype? Our view is yes, more or less.

Whilst originally the poorer cousin of Black Friday, Cyber Monday has become an event in its own right. With ASDA and other retailers pulling out of Black Friday due to chaotic scenes last year, many see a shift in customer focus to online. That is where Cyber-Monday comes into it. An online-only event that coincides roughly with Black Friday, comes just before Xmas and falls on people's pay date, it is not surprising why retail analysts believe it is going to be a big year for Cyber Monday.

Why should I bother?

Well firstly it should be noted that Cyber Monday is, in general, a much less taxing event than Black Friday. No queuing in the cold, no fisticuffs over TVs and no traipsing between shops. You can be a part of the Cyber Monday experience from the comfort of your own home, which is a blessing as the winter is drawing in ever-more.

Just as importantly, if you know where to look, the deals are just as good if not better than Black Friday's offerings. It's not just top online retailers like Amazon offering online-only Cyber Monday deals in the UK. There are many smaller online retailers who go all out for Cyber Monday to clear old stock and create a buzz around their brand. Just use a deal-tracking blog like cyber-monday.co.uk or check online newspapers for the sites offering the best deals, with much lower demand than the fast-to-go Amazon top picks.

What can I expect from the UK Cyber Monday Experience?

It's just like ordinary online shopping, but a bit more dramatic. To snare the best deals you need to be ready and waiting to fill your digital basket. If you think you can just pop on after work to pick up a cracking deal that went live at midday, then think again. Just like booking tickets for Glastonbury you need to be prepared. Laptop in lap, internet connected and credit card ready. It's best to pre-plan an itinerary of targets and times so you can be at optimal efficiency.

With a bit of planning, your 2015 Cyber Monday can be a thrilling and satisfying shopping experience, and certainly not the as stress-inducing as Black Friday 2015!